About Drugs Propolis

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What is Propolis?
Propolis is a bee product rich in essential substances that are useful to humans. Propolis is produced by bees from sap taken from parts of plants that produce sap-especially budding plant-sap which is the material forming the basis of propolis. The sap is brought into the hive by worker bees and mixed with wax (a type of wax) and pollens. Read more


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Rehabilitation is a program to help restore people who have chronic diseases either from physical or psychological. Individual Rehabilitation Program is a program that covers initial assessment, patient education, training, psychological assistance, and prevention of disease. Read more

Role of Vitamin D in Prevention of Degenerative Diseases

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Vitamin D is one of the fat acrid vitamins. This vitamin is usually accepted as vitamin that takes afar in cartilage bloom absolute its role in accretion adeptness of calcium assimilation in baby intestine. Read more

Injection Drug

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Drug injection is streil dosage form solutions, emulsions, suspensions or powders that must be dissolved and suspended before use. Injection drug injected by network tearing into the skin or through the skin. Read more

Heroin Treatment Works To Prevent Opioid Addiction

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Diacetylmorphine injection, the active ingredient in heroin, which has been shown to be an effective alternative to oral methadone in opioid addiction overcome that did not respond to previous treatment. Read more

Rehab Drugs

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Among the most crucial things in addiction treatment and recovery are drug rehab platforms. These are places that you are able to go to in order to get assistance for your drug addiction. Drug rehabs are going to supply you with places that you are able to go and remain while you get sober. These are great for you as there’s no way to get drugs in drug rehabs, and so you’ve no alternative but to get sober in one of these places. Read more


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Cancer is a disease characterized by cell disruption or failure of regulatory mechanisms of multiplication and other homeostatic functions in multicellular organisms. Read more

Combating Drugs

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Given the already mushrooming effect of drugs in various circles, the Drug Prevention is critical, in order to keep the future generation. The best way to prevent addiction to drugs is by not taking back illegal drugs, well the need for the doctors, community services, the family gave a detailed explanation of the effects of illicit drug in excessive doses to the body. Read more

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