Ingredients to make methamphetamine (Narcotics) Dangerous

Once you already know that methamphetamine is made of material that is very dangerous, if you still want to try it ….?, I think NOT. This Materials – Materials to make methamphetamine that can damage our bodies, and also our mental life. including the symptoms caused by:

1. Matches Fire: red phosphorus contained in the head of matches are combined with iodine can be a substance called Hydriodic acid, a raw material for methamphetamines.

2. Iodine: Iodine is a poison harmful if swallowed in large quantities that can affect thyroid function. It takes nearly 4 bottles of iodine to produce 2-3 grams of methamphetamine.

3. Drano: You may have used Drano to corrode pipes and waste water from hair.

4. Brake oil: Surely you already know the function of brake fluid?, Pretty terrible is not it?

5. Ephedrine: In addition to cleaning the sinuses, ephedrine has a side effect of the release of dopamine in the brain, which evoke the sensation of pleasure as perceived when eating food or having sex. While this may sound great in theory, simulation artificially exaggerated release of dopamine in the end will cause someone to lose the ability to create the sensation of pleasure naturally.

6. Lighter Fluid, Butane: lighter fluid used for cooking methamphetamine. Perhaps you begin to understand why meth labs so frequently burned. Because Lighter Fluid flammable liquids.

7. Acid Chloride: Chloride acid is found naturally in the intestines as an ingredient in human digestive fluid. If spilled on the skin, this acid will actually damaging to the human flesh. In the industrial world, hydrochloric acid is used in leather processing and to remove iron oxide and rust from steel. Meth users choose to purposefully ingest this corrosive acid into their bodies.

8. Sodium Hydroxide: Most of the Sodium Hydroxide is used in creating biodiesel or for aluminum etching. It is also used by city workers in charge of the road to remove blood stains on the accident.

9. Ether: a highly flammable gas is used as a tranquilizer for operation by a third world country. After inhaling ether, once called “sweet vitriol” for its hypnotic effects, patients can undergo surgery without pain.

10. Anhydrous Ammonia: The term “Anhydrous” means without water. Because of this strong ammonia water shortages, it will seek out wherever it can find it, eat through anything in its path including human flesh. This highly destructive substance that is used industrially as a commercial refrigerant and chemical fertilizers.

There are several different recipes for making meth but of course still involves materials – materials that are very dangerous as above. Some other materials used to make meth are battery acid, paint thinner, gasoline, and kerosene.

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  1. Davie sorenson says:

    Some of my workers have well I have seen certain chemicals that I have heard are used to make bathtub meth theu always have a reason but what mu main you know reasons forpushing an issue I think needs to be disgussed thesr boys are not worth loosing my buisness over but they sure are worth trying to help because I personaly dispise the way selfish addicts are kicked on

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